Tesla Model 3 in second place in the European market in March 2020

Continuing its deliveries in “contactless” mode, the American brand Tesla recorded only a 2% drop in registrations for its Model 3 and climbed onto the European podium, all green energy vehicles combined.

Tesla Model 3

We saw that at the start of the containment, Tesla continued to deliver to customers, when the other manufacturers stopped most of their activities. Here is the result: its most popular Model 3 car has reached the European podium for the first time.

With 15,499 vehicles delivered in March 2020 in Europe, the electric sedan only shows a decrease of 2.1% compared to last year. It’s a feat when you look at the other popular cars on the continent. The #1 Volkswagen Golf, including e-Golf, peaks at 23,861 units, but plummets to -48%. In the Top 10, closed by the Toyota Yaris, vehicles registrations on average shows a decline of half. In total, the European market (EU + United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland) contracted at -52%, according to ACEA figures, at 773,792 registrations.

The explanation for this Tesla exception lies in the way of delivering to customers. While the vast majority of manufacturers operate in concessions, the Californian firm adopts Service Centers. Remained open, they made it possible to deliver with “contactless” measures. In France, the Tesla Model 3 climbed 14th in registrations, with 1,385 units, or +20% compared to March 2019, while the rest declined by -72%. It remains 30th on the market in April 2020, a usually low month, with 189 vehicles. This is a 25% decline, on a total market down 89%.

However, these Tesla produced in the United States were already in transit to Europe. Since March 24, the Fremont plant has stopped production, containment having started in California. Deliveries will therefore be significantly lower in the coming months, ending the Tesla exception.

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8 months ago

Shanghai (30 million inhabitants half of France in 1 city) continues to produce Tesla motors and battery parts at full speed. There is a great demand for electric vehicles the Chinese are aware of the pollution caused by petrol/diesel vehicles, it’s been ten years that scooters are electric, no helmet required. We appreciate the rides without the gossip of the moped which pollutes a thousand times more than a petrol car. Electric culture is well established with them, imagine the silence in the countryside !!