Watch: Tesla Model 3 dashcam footage helps driver avoid $171 ticket

A video uploaded by a twitter user shows how he was able to avoid a hefty $171 fine with the help of the footage captured by Model 3’s build-in dashcam.

After the roll out of 9.0 firmware for Tesla Model 3 last year, in-car dashcam feature has been activated. Drivers are now able to record dashcam footage onto a USB drive. It is helping drivers avoid accident liability or dismiss traffic tickets, just like in this case.

The video uploaded by twitter user “Tesla Crossroads of America @pmoconne” shows Model 3 stopped at a traffic light behind a Chevrolet pick-up truck. The reflection of Model 3’s turn signal is clearly seen on truck’s tailgate. Both the vehicles then proceed to take a left turn on green light, but after a few yards at next intersection a trooper signals the driver to stop and proceeds to issue a ticket.

The ticket was issued on “9-21-8-25/IFC: Failure to Signal for Turn on Lane Change”, but was dismissed by a judge after appeal, thanks to the dashcam footage.

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