Tesla Autopilot warns driver before he sees the cyclist

Impressed by the capabilities of his Tesla, a Youtuber has just shared on video how the Model 3 manages to identify a cyclist before he is even in the driver’s field of vision, thus preventing any risk of accident.

We told you about it yesterday, the Autopilot continues to reduce the risk of accidents, down 50% over a quarter. The video published by the YouTube channel “Dirty Tesla” illustrates this perfectly. The Model 3 alerts to the presence of a cyclist far upstream, long before the driver can even see it .

Radar sees cyclist before driver

With the latest version of the on-board software, the version 2020.12.6 deployed on April 24 and which allows the detection of traffic lights and stop signs, the driver was traveling peacefully at 50 mph on a country road when the vehicle preceding it began to slow down and veer towards the left lane. Obviously, the Autopilot sounded an alert while braking the Model 3.

As the driver notes, at this time, the main screen already displays the presence of a cyclist. The camera he uses to film the road is not yet able to see him. For the driver, it is all the more impossible since it is placed further to the left. This illustrates the efficiency of the numerous sensors installed on the vehicle, here the radar being at work, capable of distinguishing obstacles at a distance of 170 m.

Without having particularly powerful equipment, the latest Nvidia Drive AGX Orin being more efficient than the chip developed by Tesla, the manufacturer manages with relatively simple sensors (Elon Musk hating LIDAR) to provide an Autopilot solution ahead of the vast majority from its competitors. Even the CEO of Volkswagen secretly admitted it recently.

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