Tesla adds the possibility of lending a car without a key

For most vehicles, it is relatively easy to lend your car to a friend, giving them their duplicate key. The technology embedded in the Tesla makes the system even simpler by allowing everything to be done online.

By implementing this vehicle loan solution, Tesla is advancing in the area of ​​car sharing and its robot taxi service. Elon Musk promised it would be technically ready by the end of the year. This date seems optimistic, however, autonomous driving had already been promised for the end of 2019, without it being finally implemented.

Practicality at the expense of security?

Tesla has just added a “Car Access” function. Currently reserved for American customers, it allows adding up to 5 additional users. This gives them full access to the vehicle, as if they owned it, with two exceptions: emergency roadside assistance and the purchase of options via the application, such as improving the acceleration of Model 3 or activating the heated rear seats.

Those who have access will be able to open and drive the vehicle as they please, their smartphone then serving as a key. Obviously, it is possible at any time to revoke this access and therefore terminate the loan. To add a driver, simply log into Tesla account, click on Manage and then, in the Car Access section, enter their name and e-mail address. The user will then receive a message either via his Tesla application or by e-mail inviting him to download the app.

If the system seems very practical, especially for car rental companies, it raises the question of security. It is thus possible to steal a vehicle by knowing only the password of the owner’s Tesla account. Elon Musk had replied almost 2 months ago on Twitter that double authentication would arrive soon, but it is still not available. It should also be remembered that the camera present in the central rear view mirror of the Model 3 is not active.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com

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