Suzuki sets up marine product testing facility in the United States

Suzuki Motor of America (SMAI), the largest market for Suzuki’s marine business in the United States, is a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation. This is the first time that Suzuki has established a technology development facility for marine products overseas.

The design, development, and testing of Suzuki’s marine products, including outboard motors, have been concentrated in the Marine Technology Center in Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture. However, the largest market of Suzuki’s marine business is the United States. In particular, the eastern region, including the Gulf Coast, accounts for about half of the total boat market.

Therefore, Suzuki established a technical center in the eastern United States. Developing in an environment that is close to the consumer-base will lead to the creation of more attractive and reliable products. In addition, SMAI will take part in the testing work to streamline development throughout the Suzuki Group, and at the same time actively utilize this facility to promote collaboration with local boat manufacturers. The company also aims to further expand sales of Suzuki outboard motors.

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