Rohr Auto AG, a German automobile manufacturer (1926-1937)

The Rohr Auto AG was a German automobile manufacturer and was founded in 1926 by Hans Gustav Röhr.

Röhr 8 type F, built in 1933

Company History

Hans Gustav Röhr founded Röhr Auto AG on October 30, 1926 together with Hugo Greffenius, the main shareholder of MIAG. Together, the two had starting capital of around 500,000 Reichsmarks. In the same year, the Falcon Automobilwerke site in Ober-Ramstadt was taken over. Production of the Röhr 8 began in autumn 1927, followed by the Röhr 8 Type R, which was first presented to the public in Berlin in 1928. The vehicle was an economic success and an order backlog of 2,200 tube cars was achieved in the same year. In 1929, Röhr employed around 800 people who produced ten vehicles a day at a price of 8,000 Reichsmarks. In 1930, during the Great Depression, the company filed for bankruptcy.

Production stopped for the time being at the beginning of 1931. Röhr Auto AG was taken over by the Swiss Röhr general representative Joos Andreas Heintz with the consent of the creditors, Hans Gustav Röhr left the company. Production resumed in April 1931 under the name Neue Röhr AG. In spring 1932 the Röhr Junior was introduced as a new model. The Neue Röhr-Werke in Ochsenbruch (now MIAG site) produced around 1,700 Junior models in the years 1933–1935.

Röhr Junior from 1933

The seizure of power by the National Socialists and their subsequent reprisals against Jewish capital weakened Röhr AG. In December 1934 bankruptcy had to be filed again. The workshops in Ober-Ramstadt were closed in the spring of 1935. All manufacturing documents and tools were for sale. Stoewer secured the production rights for Röhr Junior and made it as Stoewer Griffin Junior. The rest went first to the company for the recycling of industrial plants, which was built in 1936. They revised the tube F again, but without being able to start production. In the summer of 1937, efforts were finally stopped and the plant was taken over by the MIAG company.

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