How to retrieve factory key code in Ford F-150

Every Ford F-150 vehicle comes with a code that you can enter on the door to access your vehicle in case you lose your key. If you don’t know the code, then there is a way to retrieve this code from the instrument cluster.

Note: You will need both keys to get the keyless entry code.

Regular Key:

Insert the key in the ignition and turn it to on position for about 5 seconds (don’t start the car). After 4-5 seconds, turn off and remove the key. Now insert the second key into the ignition and turn it to on position. After few seconds the factory key code will be displayed on the instrument cluster display screen.

Smart Key

If your vehicle has a smart key then the process is a little different. Depending on your model there is a special location where you can place your key fob and your vehicle registers it. For example, the latest 2020 model has this located at the bottom of the cup holder in the center console.

Place first key fob in the hole and press the push start button to turn on the vehicle (don’t start the vehicle), after a few seconds press the start button again to turn off the vehicle. Take out the first key fob and place the second key fob in the same hole. Now press the start button again to turn on the vehicle. The factory code will be displayed on the instrument cluster screen. Memorize the code and only tell it to the people you trust.

Physical Print Locations

If you have lost one key or only have access to one key, then it might be possible to still get the code. First look for a small sticker on the inside of the trunk lid, this is mostly available on newer vehicles, and might not be there if you bought a used vehicle. Next location you can look for is the glove box, you can also try flipping through your car owners manual as the code might be mentioned in it.

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Tim Winicker
Tim Winicker
1 month ago

This was very helpful!