Renault Zoe gets a Limited Edition SL Riviera

French Riviera atmosphere aboard the Zoe. Renault has unveiled a new high-end SL Riviera Limited Edition, adding a few refined touches to the electric city car.

It was to be unveiled at the Geneva show, but the event was cancelled due to Coronavirus epidemic. The SL Riviera limited series on the new Renault Zoe is finally presented via a press release by the brand.

The highest-end trim comes with a 9.3-inch Easy Link screen and features such as the Easy Park Assist parking aid and a rear view camera.

The changes are mainly cosmetic: the Zoe SL Riviera is available in a new body color “night blue” flanked by a double white border – a distinctive sign in reference to luxury boating, reinforced in the passenger compartment by a strip with blond wood decor affixed along the dashboard.

Two choices of colors are offered on the leather upholstery: navy blue and sand gray, decorated with braided piping, reminiscent of the ropes of old sailboats.

Inspired by the ‘Initiale’ trim offered on certain Renault models, the 16-inch Seidon diamond rims are exceptionally fitting to the limited series.

In the press release, the brand also announced that the Zoe can now be equipped with emergency braking with pedestrian detection ‘AEB City’.

Author: Nabeel K

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