Remote start Ford Explorer via smartphone

You can take your Google Assistant on the road with you and even control select smart home devices while you’re on the go. You can also remote start Ford Explorer by giving voice command on your smartphone.

Ford Explorer sixth generation – (photo by Ford)

When matched with FordPass Action and an equipped FordPass Connect vehicle, you can also access select smart vehicle controls and information about your vehicle from inside your home.

The available FordPass Action through Google Assistant gives you the option to lock, unlock, and remote start or stop your vehicle’s engine, check the fuel level, and so much more via a Google Home device.

All you need to start, is the FordPass app, and the Google Home and Google Assistant apps installed on your phone, as well as a FordPass Connect equipped vehicle. You will also need a FordPass account and a Google Home device with an active Google Home account.

  1. To set up and link FordPass and Google Home accounts, login to your FordPass account within the Google Home app using your FordPass username and password.
  2. Create a pin to access certain features and then select the vehicle you want to interact with. Now you’re ready to use Google Assistant.
  3. From inside your house, you can now start your vehicle by saying, “Okay Google, ask FordPass to start my vehicle”, for instance.
  4. Then from the Google Assistant app, you’ll be prompted to input the pin you use to setup your account.

FordPass equipped vehicles can also be connected to Google Assistant using Android devices via Android Auto and a USB cord and port which allows you to control certain in-home smart devices from inside your vehicle, like turning off the lights or setting the thermostat temperature. Just use the voice activation button on the steering wheel and say, “Okay Google, ask FordPass to turn off my living room light.”


Author: Nabeel K

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