Porsche settles 650,000 honey bees on its own orchard in Germany

Porsche is committed to nature and species conservation at the Zuffenhausen site: the company settles 13 bee colonies, each with around 50,000 bees, on its own orchard.

(photo by Porsche)

Bee populations in Germany are at risk. More than half of the 560 species of bees living here are threatened with extinction.

“Porsche is aware of its responsibility for the environment and society. The careful use of resources, environmentally-oriented and energy-efficient action are fundamental for us. With the settlement of the honeybees and the maintenance of the orchard, we are making an important contribution to the protection of domestic animals and plants,” says Andreas Haffner, Board Member for Human Resources and Social Affairs at Porsche AG.

The honeybees, but also wild bees, bumblebees and other insects find a colorful variety of flowers on the deliberately natural orchard from Porsche. Various fruit trees, hedges and flower strips provide a wide range of food to bees for honey production. A bee colony produces an average of around 20 kilograms of honey a year. The first harvest of the Porsche bees is expected to take place in a few weeks. Around 1,000 jars of honey are initially to be produced in Zuffenhausen. From summer 2020, the honey will be sold under the name “Turbienchen – The honey from Porsche Zuffenhausen” in the employee shops and at the coffee bar in the Porsche Museum.

(photo by Porsche)

The initiators of the project are Porsche gastronomy and environmental management. Together, the areas for the settlement of the bee colonies were selected. “Sustainability is firmly anchored in Porsche’s corporate strategy. With the ‘Honey from Zuffenhausen’ project, we are addressing important aspects of the sustainability strategy of the catering trade – animal welfare, regional production and natural food,” says Michael Raichle, Head of Catering and Services and Managing Director of Porsche Dienstleistungs GmbH. By the way, Zuffenhausen is already the second Porsche location with its own bee colonies. Around three million honeybees have been living in the Leipzig plant since 2017 on the 132 hectare natural off-road site.

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