Porsche 911 may go electric in 10 years

Porsche has disclosed its intention to say goodbye to the internal combustion engines, but electrification and the switch will not take place anytime soon.

2021 Porsche 911 TURBO S

Porsche is aware of the fact that electric motors are the future of motoring, and the company has repeatedly reiterated how electrification and total conversion are in the business plans. Lately, news has circulated of an imminent presentation of a hybrid version of the 911, but this has proved to be false.

In a recent interview, Frank-Steffen Walliser, head of the 911 lineup, has in fact clarified that although the plans are already there, the 911 series will be the last to be electrified and that this will happen in a few years. Referring to the dates of his office, it can be deduced that Walliser alludes to 2030, therefore in at least ten years’ time.

Porsche already has a good know-how on the use of electric drivetrain, given the recent launch of Taycan. But the company wants to “do things right”, waiting for developments in battery technology and chemistry, with mounting pressure from European authorities towards reducing carbon footprint.

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