Poland is planning its own electric cars

Electromobility Poland presents the first design studies. The vehicles are expected to come in 2023 and a large part will be manufactured in Poland.

Poland plans to start producing electric cars. On Tuesday, Electromobility Poland (EMP) presented the first design studies in Warsaw, as the agency PAP reported. According to this, the vehicles are to come onto the market under the “Izera” brand and more than half of them will be manufactured in Poland. The planned range was given as 400 kilometers.

Electromobility Poland is a foundation of several state-owned energy companies. The company hopes that the first vehicles will come off the assembly line in 2023. According to media reports, the costs up to the start of production are estimated at almost one billion euros. The brand name “Izera” is inspired by the Jizera, a tributary of the Elbe in the Czech-Polish border area.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com

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