Peugeot e-Traveler: 9 passengers, zero emissions

Available in multiple configurations suitable for transporting people (Combispace or business shuttle and VIP), the Peugeot e-Traveler can accommodate between 5 and 9 people.

Peugeot e-Traveler – (photo by Peugeot)

It is modular, with either benches or individual sliding and folding seats, as well as with two motorized sliding side doors. The e-Traveler is even available in three lengths: compact (4.6 m), standard (4.95 m) and long (5.3 m), while keeping a height limited to 1.9 m in order to guarantee easy access in most of the covered car parks.

2 batteries of your choice

The e-Traveler is the first Peugeot electric vehicle to choose between 2 battery capacities, therefore between 2 autonomy levels: 50 kWh to travel up to 230 km, or 75 kWh to travel up to 330 km.

The electric engine is similar to that of the e-208 and e-2008. In “Power” mode, the maximum power is 100 kW (136hp).

The maximum speed is limited to 130 km / h. Be careful all the same with recharging which, depending on the type of plug, can take up to… 47 hours (standard 8A plug for the 75 kWh battery)!

The new Peugeot e-Traveler will be marketed in Europe from the second half of 2020.

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