Over 500,000 BMW cars to receive OTA updates in coming weeks

BMW is treading fresh paths: More than 500,000 cars from the manufacturer will receive new functions in the coming weeks – via download.


It has long been common for electronic devices to receive new functions via download. TVs, game consoles, cell phones and smart home gadgets regularly receive fresh updates with new features online. However, this option has not yet become widespread among car manufacturers. Large-scale software upgrades have previously been installed in the workshop. For some time now, electric car pioneer Tesla has shown that things can be easier here . Tesla’s fleet of cars not only get over the air firmware patches, but also receives upgrades with new functions directly via the Internet. Car manufacturer BMW is now following this example.

As the company recently announced, according to a media report, over 500,000 cars will receive a software upgrade via download in the coming weeks. This includes, among other things, preparations for the new “Drive Recorder” function. This enables users to record the surroundings of their vehicle for 40 seconds using the integrated cameras. To be able to use this option, BMW owners must purchase the function as a service online. Tesla is pursuing a very similar business model. The update is carried out either via the smartphone app for the car or directly via the SIM card integrated in the car. According to BMW, it is the largest upgrade campaign of its kind ever carried out by a European automaker.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com

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