OTA software update for 750,000 BMW, finally gets Android Auto

The on-board computer operating system of many younger BMWs is getting an upgrade. In addition to new functions, it also brings more speed to familiar ones.

BMW 5 Series Touring – (photo by BMW)

BMW has refreshed its operating system. It is now available to German customers for free download. With the over-the-air update, new and improved functions, including from Android Auto, e-Drive Zones and Maps, will be added to the vehicles. World to the update 750,000 BMW are available. After customers in Germany, other markets in Europe, North America and China are served.

Users of vehicles qualified for the update receive a corresponding push message on their BMW app or directly into the vehicle. The installation should take less than 20 minutes. New features include the display of navigation instructions via Android Auto or Apple Carplay in the head-up display.

In addition, BMW’s own navigation maps should work faster thanks to a combination of real-time information with forecast models. The navigation software can also display new information such as ratings for so-called points of interests (POI). With connected parking, free parking spaces as well as parking spaces that are likely to become vacant near the vehicle are displayed.

The new eDrive Zones function supports drivers of plug-in hybrids with the help of geofencing by automatically switching the vehicle to the electric drive when entering an environmental zone. Connected Charging expands the scope of information on public charging stations.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com


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