Nissan and Mazda instruct US employees to work from home due to Coronavirus

Nissan’s and Mazda’s U.S. division announced that they had ordered their employees to work from home following the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Mazda’s US division also announced that it will temporarily ban all domestic and international business travel. Previously, when traveling to countries with a risk of transmission of the coronavirus, they were required to work from home for 14 days after returning.

In addition, Mazda’s US division has temporarily refused visitors to all offices and facilities. Employees are encouraged to stay in touch and hold meetings online.

Mazda’s US division will watch announcements from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and provide regular guidance to employees, and according to Nissan’s U.S. division; the announcement is intended to reduce the risk of spread of the coronavirus.

Author: Nabeel K

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Jamie Collins
Jamie Collins
2 years ago

Meanwhile, Disney’s remains open to public. Walt Disney must be spinning in his grave over this negligence.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jamie Collins

Can’t really shut down Disney in a day. My wife is a cast member, and they all found out at the same time we did Thursday night that the park would be shutting down Sunday. The logistics and warehousing teams have been pulling all nighters to avoid leaving millions of dollars in inventory out on the street, every team had loads of prep work to get done so that re-opening can be delayed indefinitely as needed and teams can be consolidated as required.

Could they have done it overnight and just dealt with all of the problems that come with that decision, as well as the backlash from the “it’s no big deal” crowd? Maybe. But keep in mind, unlike preparing for a hurricane or natural disaster, the timeline for this shutdown is completely unknown. If it turns out we need to quarantine for 9 months, 10% of their workforce died, and 30% have been let go to cut costs, then the extra few days they spent legitimately shutting everything down and prepping to re-open could save thousands of jobs, and give them the leeway to take on more debt paying existing employees longer than they strictly should since they know that on day 1 they can be up and running again without issue… Whenever that may be.

They were the first of the theme parks to announce their intention to close, and the first to announce that they’ll be paying everyone’s salary (all 140,000 of them), and continuing health insurance.

They’ve bailed on like 3-6 months of projects just in case out of an abundance of precaution, but sure, Walt’s rolling over in his grave. He’s wondering what were all the locals were doing showing up at the parks this weekend b/c “they don’t know when it’ll be back” instead of staying at home like responsible adults. This weekend was meant for the people who paid for a full spring break trip to get enough Disney to stop whining about it and go home. I know you paid $1500 for your flight down here. Sorry, we can’t fix the plague. Yes you can have one day, I’m sure nobody else wants the plague. What are people doing? Oh, right, they’re all idiots. Can’t fix stupid.