Modena, home to Maranello, is subject to massive blockade, but Ferrari claims to take part in F1 on schedule

Italy is one of the countries where the spread of the new coronavirus is widespread. In response, the Italian government has announced that it will block a wide area of ​​the country, impose strict quarantine measures and movement restrictions.

This raised concerns that officials from Italy-based F1 teams Ferrari and AlphaTauri would not be able to head to Melbourne, where the opening round of the Australian Grand Prix will take place. With regard to Ferrari, in particular, Modena, where Maranello is located, has become a target area for large-scale blockade.

Ferrari, however, stressed that while respecting government decisions, it did not affect team’s travel plans for Australia.

In a statement, Ferrari stated: “Following the action announced by the Italian government last night, we are closely watching and evaluating the situation and keeping in touch with all relevant organizations.”

“For Ferrari, ensuring the health of staff and their families is our priority. For this reason, following government-determined measures is a priority. All decisions are made under this principle.”

Some members of the team and equipment have already arrived in Melbourne.

“If a team is barred from entering the country, we can’t race. If we do, it won’t be a F1 World Championship race because it’s unfair,” said F1 managing director Ross Brown.

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