Mercedes-AMG already developed a new electric turbo

Daimler’s sports division Mercedes-AMG announces that the next generation of high-performance models will use an innovative electrically powered turbocharger in the exhaust system. This technology was originally developed for the brand’s Formula 1 team and will begin to be applied to street cars.

This new device developed in conjunction with Garret Motion will resolve the conflict of having a large turbo with high performance, or a small turbo for quick reaction.

In the diagram you can see the new AMG turbo dissected. The slim electric motor is integrated into the charger between the turbine wheel on the side leading to the exhaust and the compressor wheel on the side where fresh air enters.

Rinsed as this built, what the electric motor does is drive the compressor wheel before it accepts gas flow, this allows for an immediate response from idle upwards throughout the rev range. In other words, it eliminates the well-known turbolag.

“With this action we are strategically replacing our modular technology and tailoring our performance requirements. In a first stage we included the electrified turbo, an example of how the technology of Formula 1 is transferred to street vehicles, something with which we will take turbocharged combustion engines to an unattainable level of agility ”, declared the director of Mercedes -AMG, Tobias Moers.

With the electrification of the turbocharger, you have a lot of torque at low speeds, which optimizes the acceleration capacity since the car is stopped.

“Even when the driver takes his foot off the accelerator or applies the brakes, the technology of the electric turbocharger allows the boost pressure to be maintained all the time, so a direct continuous response is guaranteed,” added Moers.

Author: Nabeel K

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