Mazda owners are most loyal to their brand

The brand loyalty of the owners of a Mazda is the greatest of all car brands. Of the people who bought a new Mazda an indefinite number of years ago, 83% bought a new Mazda again last year, an increase of 7% compared to 2018. This puts Mazda in first place, ahead of Toyota, Volvo and BMW.

Mazda CX-30

Automotive, the specialist medium for the Dutch car industry, asked research agency EDM to investigate to what extent people opted for the same brand when purchasing a new passenger car in 2019. EDM’s Brand Switch model, built from own data and that of the RDW, was used for this. Brand loyalty has not changed much on average in the past four years, but there are significant shifts per brand. In 2019, the brand loyalty of Toyota, Mercedes and Mazda appears to have increased significantly, by 9 to 7 percentage points.

“The causes of the shifts are not easy to explain ,” Matthijs van Zanten, automotive consultant at EDM, told Automotive. “Mazda definitely has a strong asset with its CX series to keep customers with the brand.”

“In recent years we have undergone tremendous development towards a more premium brand, ” says Pieter de Greef, Mazda Motor Nederland Customer Service Director. “Since the arrival of the sixth generation with the CX-5 being the first in 2012 and the accompanying introduction of the appealing Kodo design, sales of our CX models have taken off. At the same time, together with our dealers, we have invested a lot of time and energy in the customer experience. This, together with the increasing quality, appearance and reliability of our products, has led to this number one position in loyalty. We are very proud of that”.

Mazda has, in addition to the aforementioned CX-5, also the smaller CX-3 in their crossover series. Last year, the CX-30 was added, the second model, after the new Mazda3, of the latest and seventh-generation Mazdas.

Author: Nabeel K