Location of USB ports on Honda Accord

The media ports on Honda Accord vastly expand the audio choices that can be enjoyed while on the road.

2020 Honda Accord – Tenth Generation

Models with display audio have a USB smartphone audio interface located in the center pocket below the climate controls.

In addition to playing music files on an iPod or flash drive, through the vehicles audio system, this port is where you plug in your smart phone to engage the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto features.

The port is rated at 2.5 amps for fast recharging of devices.

Second USB Port

Some models have yet another USB smartphone audio interface located in the center console compartment labeled USB 2. It offers the same capabilities as the port in the center pocket, which on these models is called USB 1.

Play Music Files

To play music files from an iPod or flash drive, touch the appropriate USB icon on the display audio home screen. The interface will let you browse through the files and select how you want to play them.

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

To engage Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, touch either of those icons on the home screen, then you can enjoy the many compatible apps without ever picking up your phone.

Author: Nabeel K
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