Kawasaki’s first electric motorcycle will have manual gear shifting, named EV Endeavor

The EV Endeavor is Kawasaki’s first electric motorcycle, and as it could not be otherwise in the brand, it is more sporty than we are used to.

Kawasaki’s first electric motorcycle has been created under the name EV Endeavor, and represents the future of a brand associated with the most extreme sportiness, something that we do not usually say about electric motorcycles.

Until now, most electric motorcycles have been designed for city use, not on circuits or mountain roads; that’s why fans of two wheels so far have had little reason to be excited about this new technology.

But if electric cars have taught us anything, it is that it is perfectly possible to offer a sporty experience with batteries instead of a combustion engine. It will not be easy, since there are factors that are much more important on a motorcycle, such as weight, which in a car can go into the background.

Kawasaki’s electric motorcycle

The Kawasaki EV Endeavor represents the work that the Japanese manufacturer has done in recent years to achieve an “exciting” experience with a battery-powered electric motorcycle.

Thanks to the own characteristics of an electric motor, we will be able to achieve a great acceleration from scratch; however, on most electric motorcycles, that is the only exciting moment, so to speak, in their riding.

Instead, the Kawasaki motorcycle will have a four-speed gear shift, something really rare not only in electric motorcycles but in electric vehicles in general, which usually have a single gear. That’s because electric motors always provide the maximum torque as soon as we press the accelerator, so changing gears is not required to achieve the optimal speed range as with a combustion engine.

Manual Transmission

Despite this, Kawasaki has decided to implement a gear change, which is also manual and is operated with the foot as with a conventional motorcycle. That translates into a more active driving experience, in which we have to do more things and it is not as automated as it is in many electric vehicles, one of the biggest criticisms from enthusiasts who like to drive.

The other advantage of using a gear change is that the EV Endeavor will be able to achieve a higher top speed, which is precisely one of the weaknesses of electric vehicles in general.

Kawasaki is not the first to think of such a thing. The Porsche Taycan has already amazed everyone with a two-gear system only for the rear wheels, but in its case it’s automatic: the shortest gear is only used on exits with active sport mode, and it was their secret to face to the Tesla Model S in acceleration.

At the moment, the Kawasaki EV Endeavor does not have a release date or price, but it is already considered as one of the most interesting future releases.

Author: Nabeel K
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