James May bought a new car and its a Tesla

James May uploaded a video on Youtube about his purchase of a new vehicle. The trio’s been running Drive Tribe youtube channel for some time, but James May have become the star of the channel as his videos gain most views.

They run another channel called FoodTribe where James May uploaded a video of him trying out a veggie burger. The video got close to a million views as of now. So there is potential for him of becoming a Youtube star after retirement from The Grand Tour. People just love to watch him do things.

James May unveiling his new Tesla Model S

The video of his purchase of Tesla starts with a car with Ferrari cover to make it a surprising reveal for the viewers, but a blue Tesla Model S is unveiled. As expected from captain slow, its a standard model.

He then goes on and tell viewers why he bought an electric vehicle instead of ICE car. He believes that the future is electric and he wants to take part in it. He said that he did not buy it to be green, but to enjoy the new technology.

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