Hyundai Veloster N Performance ready to take on Honda Civic Type R

Veloster N was recently exhibited at SEMA 2019 show in Las Vegas. This car not only bring attractive style redesign but also great performance and usability at a price range affordable to many.

The wonderful thing about this car is that it checks all the mark to go against the legendary Civic Type R on paper. It actually has a little better performance, Huyndai has left no stone unturned. They have added a lot of new design elements to uplift the looks of the car. This is a very unique looking three door hatchback that features LED daytime running lights. It also features carbon fiber everywhere with matte finish. They gave it a larger front splitter that offers more downforce resulting in better handling. There is a large air-vent on the hood to give the extra air the engine needs when you press the pedal to the metal. The use of carbon fiber makes this car lighter which boosts the performance, in fact the whole hood is made of carbon fiber.

The wheels are 19 inch forged aluminium. The forged aluminum is not only stronger, but lighter than cast aluminum. This car features the Alcon brake setup with massive 6 piston calipers. The suspension is based on H&R springs which helps to lower it a little resulting in better center of gravity. There is sprinkle of orange all over the exterior which makes it look very sporty. This car also have one of the best looking rear brake lights. There are massive rear diffusers which sucks the car to the ground, the downforce that these create from the wind is phenomenal.

Inside the car the first thing you will notice are the seats, on first look you can tell that the seating position is made for the tracks. It has alcantara steering wheel and you will find bits of orange and carbon fiber in interior as well. This really is a special car with wonderful design elements.

Author: Nabeel K

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