Hyundai Prophecy: the concept car with 911 neo-retro looks – five highlights

Hyundai unveiled digital photos of its Prophecy concept at the beginning of March. It is now in its real form that the Prophecy is shown, a little more in detail. The Korean brand teaches us more about the functionality of its 100% electric concept car in running condition.

The Hyundai Prophecy is of an obvious futuristic modernity but it would not shock in current traffic unlike other more extreme concept cars. This comes from the fact that the brand wants to return to a pure automotive design, inspired by the most beautiful body shapes of the beginning of the last century.

One of the peculiarities of this 100% electric concept car: it does not have a steering wheel but joysticks to be controlled. Others tried before Hyundai, without much success, but after all, why not.

A well-inspired design

The Hyundai Prophecy Concept is inspired by the brand of car bodies of the 20s or 30s, following the philosophy of the designer’s current design: “Sensuous Sportiness” that concept 45 was already following. Three quarter rear and in profile, the Hyundai seems to be mistaken for a neo-retro interpretation of a much more recent model: the Porsche 911 Turbo! With its flat spoiler and its extended drop roof from the very low coupe at the rear, towards a zone of lights made up of large bright pixels. A rather flattering comparison especially since this inspiration makes the line extremely well balanced for a concept, sober compared to what we are used to seeing, a car in which we would be happy to project ourselves.

No steering wheel

If you observe the passenger compartment carefully, you will notice that it does not have a steering wheel! Not the car is 100% autonomous but because it is controlled using large ergonomic joysticks placed on either side of the driver. Falling immediately on hand, these two natural extensions of the arms and the buttons located there allow you to control 90% of the car’s functionality!

Smart Posture Care System

A system called Smart Posture Care System (SPCS) allows drivers to enjoy an optimized sitting position based on their individual physical characteristics. The system can be activated or not (manual mode available) by the driver and allows automatic adjustment of the seat, the steering wheel, the mirror and the head-up display after entering its height, height when seated and its weight in the “smart” mode.

Relax mode

The Prophecy can go into “Relax” mode when you are not driving. The seats recline and the dashboard swivels upward, creating the optimal seating position to take advantage of the large screen occupying the entire width of the vehicle at the front. The field of vision is completely free thanks to the absence of a steering wheel.

Air purifier

Not everyone is necessarily sensitive to this type of option, but on the Asian market, the purification of the air inside the vehicle is very important, especially in crowded and very polluted areas. Here, not only does the concept car constantly purify the air for the occupants, it also filters the air when no one is in the vehicle. A fine dust sensor makes it possible to filter the air with great precision. Sensors are present in the passenger compartment to control the air quality.

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