Hyundai Kona Electric wins the Top Gear Electric Awards

Hyundai Kona Electric received the Top Gear Magazine Electric Car Awards for Best Small Family Car. Hyundai Kona Electric drove a total of 1,600 kilometers in nine European countries in less than 24 hours. TopGear’s goal was to break the myth that an electric car could not travel long distances.

2020 Hyundai Kona EV

Hyundai’s all-electric SUV was praised for its economy, long operating distance and smooth and effortless travel.

Charlie Turner, editor-in-chief of BBC TopGear magazine, conducted a 24-hour test drive in December 2019 using 316 kWh of electricity from the European fast-charging network. The car was charged to 80% during the test drive to maximize driving time. The journey started in the Czech Republic, with a total of 1,600 km of test driving in a total of nine countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

“Even though we now live in isolation, we can dream of the freedom to travel to as many countries as we want later. It’s also good to know that as car electrification continues to grow and is part of the movement’s future, cars like Kona Electric are already in series and available for purchase. such driving performance in the same way we did now, but we’ve proven that action travel shouldn’t be a problem even in long-distance travel,” says Turner.

“The Hyundai Kona Electric was first introduced in 2018 and has proven to be an affordable, zero-emission and versatile car that combines practicality and performance. Now Kona Electric has received a three-phase charge that makes the whole thing even more attractive. We are delighted that TopGear has been awarded by Electric .The model has also received numerous previous awards,” says Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Marketing and Product Director, Hyundai Motor Europe .

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