Hyundai Ioniq Electric joins Czech Republic police fleet

Not so long ago, Czech police officers took over the plug-in of the hybrid BMW 7 Series. Today, two dozen Hyundai Ioniq Electric cars have joined the fleet.

The police of the Czech Republic have extensive experience with electric and electrified cars. Already in the spring of 2017, it took over the fleet of BMW i3 electric cars, shortly afterwards the plug-in hybrid sports car BMW i8 expanded, whose fate took an unexpected turn, and since October last year BMW 745Le xDrive limousines have been used in Pardubice, Hradec Králové, Liberec and South Moravian regions and Prague – with plug-in hybrid drive.

Today, the police have made further progress in electrifying the fleet. It took over the first 20 of a total of 38 Ioniq electric cars from Hyundai Motor Czech, which will complement almost a hundred other Hyundai cars currently in use by the Ministry of the Interior.

Cars with police stickers and beacons on the roof will travel up to 311 km on a single charge, while refilling the energy to 80% of the battery capacity does not take even an hour during DC charging.

“I am glad that the Police of the Czech Republic have embarked on the path of electromobility and these cars are proof of that. It is a technique that means another technological shift for us and I believe that the police will be satisfied,” said Police President Brig. gene. Jan Švejdar.

The official press release does not state where the Ioniq electric Hyundai will primarily serve, but it is not so long ago that one of the specimens was captured at Václav Havel Airport.

“Hyundai is an experienced and proven manufacturer of electric cars and we are very pleased that the state administration selects our cars regularly. In addition, Hyundai Ioniq Electric cars are environmentally friendly and I am convinced that they will serve the Police of the Czech Republic for a long time and reliably,” said Martin Saitz, CEO of Hyundai Motor Czech, who handed over the cars to the police today.

Author: Nabeel K

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