How to use wireless charger on Toyota RAV4

The trend towards wireless charging has become unstoppable. Because even if there are many arguments against it, it is sometimes very practical. In the car, for example, you benefit from simply placing your smartphone on the charging surface and it charges.

Toyota RAV4, fifth generation

Wireless charging in the car has become one of the biggest trends in the automotive industry. For this, however, your own car must also be properly equipped. The newer models have already integrated the function many times , but you can also retrofit the old models and charge inductively in no time.

RAV4 Wireless Charging

Optional feature

Toyota RAV4 comes with Qi-compatible wireless smartphone charging, but its an optional feature which is equipped when you opt for Technology Package available under various trims for a price of around $1,000.

Available on higher trims

This optional feature is not available in base models like LE and XLE, but it can be equipped on higher trims like XLE Premium, Adventure, Limited and TRD Off-Road.

How to use wireless charger

The wireless charger only works when the vehicle is turned on and the key fob is in the vehicle.

  1. Turn on the charging pad located below the dash by pressing the power button next to it. The green indicator light will turn on
  2. Place your Qi-compatible smartphone on the charging pad with its screen on the upside.
  3. The indicator light will turn orange when phone is charging.
  4. If charging is not occurring, try placing the portable device as close to the center of the charging area as possible.
  5. When charging is complete, the operation indicator light green comes on.
  6. When charging is complete and after a fixed time in the charge suspension state, charging restarts.
  7. When the portable device is moved, charging is stopped for a moment and then it restarts.
Wireless charging pad location on Toyota RAV4


If the indicator light flashes orange repeatedly after every second, it means that there is an error.

  • An object is between your phone and charging pad: Try clearing any foreign objects that may interfere, including phone cover or other accessories.
  • Your phone is not in the center: Try moving it to the center position.
  • There is vehicle to charger communication failure: In this case, you must contact your Toyota dealer.

Overheating: If the indicator light flashes four times continuously, it means that wireless charger is overheating. You must stop charging and restart after a while.

Wireless phone charging in progress on Toyota RAV4

Important points to consider when using wireless charger

If the electronic key cannot be detected within the vehicle interior, charging cannot be done.

When the door is opened and closed, charging may be temporarily suspended.

When charging, the wireless charging device and portable device will get warmer, however this is not a malfunction. When a portable device gets warm while charging, charging may stop due to the protection function on the portable device side. In this case, when the temperature of the portable device drops significantly, charge again.

This function cannot be used with portable devices that are larger than the charging area.

Author: Nabeel K


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