How to use windshield wiper washer on 2014 Mazda CX-5

Operating windshield washer and wiper with rain sensing is easy using the control stick on your Mazda CX-5 steering wheel.

Windshield wiper washer control stick – (photo by Mazda USA)

Tip: Its always best idea to check if you have sufficient washer fluid before operating washer wiper – as debris on your windshield may leave small scratches when used without fluid.

  1. For a single wipe, push the lever up to mist.
  2. For full time low or high-speed wiping, pull the lever down to the low or high position.
  3. To spray washer fluid, pull the lever toward you.
  4. For automatic wiping. pull the lever down to auto.
  5. When the wiper lever is in the auto position. the rain sensor detects the amount of rainfall on the windshield and turns the wipers on or off automatically – the sensitivity of the rain sensor can be adjusted by turning the inner ring on the wiper lever. Rotate the ring upward for a faster response or rotate it downward for a slower response.
  6. For the rear window wiper, turn the switch at the end of the lever to on or intermittent – to spray washer fluid turn the switch to washer.
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