How to use voice commands on BMW X7

Vehicles equipped with Operating System 7.0 offer a completely new way to interact with your vehicle.

BMW X7 – (photo by BMW)

Please note that full functionalities also depend on market availability and software version.

You can communicate in a very natural way and simply start the interaction with ‘Hey, Hi or Hello BMW’. ‘Hey BMW.’ – [BMW] ‘Hello. What can I help you with?’

BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant – (photo by BMW)

With the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant you always have a true car expert on board. You can not only control various vehicle functions like ‘Hey BMW, turn on my seat heating’. [BMW] ‘I set the seat heating at the driver’s seat at level 3.’ Or, for example, ‘Hey BMW, change the ambient light color to green’. [BMW] ‘The light color green with contouring in green has been selected.’

This digital assistant even explains your vehicle and its condition: ‘Hey BMW, is my tire pressure still ok?’ [BMW] ‘The current pressure is alright for all tires.’

It is also your perfect co-driver: ‘Hey BMW, take me to the airport’. [BMW] ‘Which one of the destinations shall I select?’ – ‘Number one.’ [BMW] ‘Perfect. Munich Airport is our next destination.’

And can also tell you about the weather: ‘Hey BMW, what’s the weather in Munich today?’ [BMW] ‘Today it will be partly cloudy in Munich with temperatures between 5 and 18 degrees.’

Author: Nabeel K

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