How to use Trail Control on Ford Ranger

Your Ford Ranger may be equipped with a unique feature called Trail Control that helps you maintain a constant low speed for off-road use.

Ford Ranger

Trail Control is an available feature that can automatically regulate the power and braking applied to each wheel when navigating uneven or rugged terrain so you can better focus on steering.

  1. To turn it on, press the Trail Control button on the center console. You’ll get a pop-up in the information display telling you that it’s been enabled.
  2. Once activated you can set and maintain speeds ranging from one to 10 miles per hour in Four-Low (4L), Drive (D), or Neutral (N). One to 20 miles per hour in Four-High (4H), Two-High (2H), Drive (D), or Neutral. Or up to five miles per hour in reverse.
  3. Whether you’re traveling uphill, downhill, or on a flat plain where traction is limited. Just use the plus and minus buttons on the steering wheel to set your desired speed. For example, if you find yourself stuck in sand you can set Trail Control to one mile per hour and each wheel will be powered to that set speed to help free your vehicle.
  4. To turn this feature off simply press the Trail Control button again. Keep in mind, when using Trail Control pressing the brake pedal lowers your cruising speed instead of deactivating the feature, unlike it does while using normal cruise control.
Trail Control button on Ford Ranger
Author: Nabeel K

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Frank Munya
Frank Munya
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