How to use the head-up display on Hyundai Kona

The Head-Up Display is an optional feature that allows the driver to view information projected onto a transparent screen while still maintaining direct view of the road ahead while driving.

Head-up display on Hyundai Kona – (photo by Hyundai)

How does the head-up display work?

A head-up display, also known as HUD for short, projects important vehicle data onto the windshield and thus into the driver’s field of vision. The biggest advantage is also the namesake: Thanks to this system, you can keep your head up and no longer constantly look away from the road to read your speed, for example. This means that you are less distracted from the traffic and your driving safety is increased.

Enabling head-up display on Kona

Press the button located on the left-hand side of the dash panel to activate or deactivate the Head-Up Display feature when the ignition is in the on position or when the engine is running.

Head-up display on/off button on Hyundai Kona

The display will retract automatically when the engine is turned off and the doors are locked, or if the vehicle is left unlocked, the display will retract after approximately five minutes.

Adjusting the display

If you have trouble viewing all of the information in the Head-Up Display, you can adjust the position by using the User Settings menu located in the instrument cluster.

Using the controls located on the steering wheel, select the User Settings menu mode button and then the Head-Up Display sub-menu. From here, you can make adjustments to the display, including height, rotation and brightness. You can also customize these settings to suit your own preferences.

Author: Nabeel K

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