How to use Terrain Management System on Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger may be equipped with the available terrain management system, that enables you to adjust its driving dynamics to best match the type of road or trail conditions you’re traveling over.

New Ford Ranger – (photo by Ford)

The terrain management system, or TMS, includes four driver-selectable modes that can be used with the shift-on-the-fly four-wheel drive system, and automatically adjust the AdvanceTrac settings for the road conditions you encounter. Each TMS mode is programmed with unique settings for the ideal throttle response and transmission shift points.

  1. To use it, first press the TM button in the middle of the rotary dial located in the center console.
  2. Pressing the TM button multiple times allows you to choose between four different terrain modes at any time while driving.
  3. The mode you select will appear in the information display. There’s Normal, for regular city or highway driving, Grass/Gravel/Snow which helps improve stability when traction is limited, Mud/Ruts, which provides maximum power to all four wheels, and finally, Sand, which allows the wheels to slip while going over soft ground.

Keep in mind, you can only use the normal setting while in two-high (2H), while any of the terrain management systems three mods can be used in four-high (4H) or four-low (4L).

Author: Nabeel K

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