How to use Sport Mode on BMW 3-Series

If your BMW is equipped with an automatic transmission, it will most probably feature a sport mode. Lets take a look at this feature.

Automatic gear shifter on BMW 3-Series, Seventh generation G20 – (photo by BMW)

To engage sport mode, put the transmission into drive (D) and then pull the shifter to the left until it locks in position – and DS is displayed on the instrument cluster.

What does Sport Mode do?

In sport mode, gear ships are quicker and will occur at higher rpms for a livelier performance feel.

Manual shift points

The driver also has the ability to manually select the transmission shift points. To up shift, simply pull the selector rearward, to downshift push the selector forward. The selected gear will be displayed in the instrument cluster. For example, when in first gear, M1 will appear.

Moving the gear shifter to the right returns to drive (D).

Author: Nabeel K

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