How to use rear view camera guide lines on BMW 7 Series

When reversing in your BMW vehicles equipped with a rear view camera, offer extra support with parking and maneuvering.

Rear view camera with guide lines on BMW 7 Series – (photo by BMW)

In the control display, the area behind the vehicle is shown.

When the Park View is active, you can activate or deactivate the parking guidance lines in the control display. Go to Camera picture and check or uncheck the Parking guidelines box to activate or deactivate.

The driving path lines in green help you to estimate the space required when parking and maneuvering the turning circle lines in red show the course of the smallest possible turning circle of your BMW.

The driving path lines are dependent on the steering angle and are continuously adapted to the steering wheel movements.

Once the steering wheel has been turned beyond a certain angle, only one turning circle line is displayed.

Use these parking guidance lines to better estimate the path of your vehicle while reversing into a parking space.

Obstacles behind the vehicle are detected by the Park distance control sensors. If activated, obstacle markings can be shown in the camera image. Go to Camera picture and check the Obstacle mark box to activate or deactivate.

The different colors depend on the distance towards the object and correspond to the markings of Park distance control.

Author: Nabeel K


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