How to use power sliding rear window on Toyota Tundra

Your Toyota Tundra may be equipped with a feature that lets you slide down rear window with the push of a button. This guide shows you how to operate it.

Toyota Tundra second generation XK50 – (photo by Toyota)

The sliding rear window can be operated using the switch on the instrument panel whenever the ignition key is in the on position.

  1. To open or close the window push the power rear window switch on the dashboard in the appropriate direction.
  2. The window will move as long as you hold the switch.
  3. For safety the window will stop partway when closing. Push the switch again to fully close the window.
  4. The sliding rear window can be operated for about 45 seconds after the ignition switch has been turned off or until one of the front doors is opened. Once either front door is opened after the ignition is turned off the power window controls will not operate until the ignition switch is turned to the on position.
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