How to use Power Running Boards on Toyota 4Runner

Your Toyota 4Runner may be equipped with power running boards that lets your young ones or elderly step into and out of vehicle using with ease.

Toyota 4Runner – Fifth generation – (photo by Toyota)

The automatic running boards are linked to the side door operations, extending and retracting when a side door is opened and closed.

When a door is opened or closed, the board on the same side extends or retracts.

How to enable

The automatic running boards’ auto-off-switch is located on the driver’s side of the instrument panel, under side-mirror controls. To activate the automatic running board feature press the AUTO button. The orange line at the top of the switch illuminates to indicate that the automatic running board system is on.

How to disable

When extension of the boards is not necessary or extension of a board is not desirable, due to an obstacle, press OFF on the automatic running board switch to turn off the system before either the driver, passenger or rear-side doors are open.

Author: Nabeel K

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