How to use On Demand 4 Wheel Drive on Toyota Tundra

If your Tundra is equipped with on-demand 4-wheel drive, you probably wanna leave the control switch in 2-wheel drive, or 2WD, for most situations.

2014 Toyota Tundra

For slippery conditions and light off-road driving, you may need to shift into 4-wheel high, or 4H, for added traction.

  1. To shift into 4H, first slow down to less than 62 miles per hour, then turn the knob to 4H.
  2. If it’s colder than five degrees Fahrenheit outside, you’ll have to slow down to less than 43 miles per hour to make the change.
  3. In any case, you’ll see the 4H indicator appear in the instrument display. If it flashes, 4H hasn’t locked in yet. To help it, continue to drive straight ahead, then accelerate and decelerate until the system is engaged.
  4. For more challenging off-road driving or for getting around in deep sand or snow, you may need to shift to 4-wheel low, or 4L. To do that, stop the Tundra completely and keep your foot on the brake.
  5. Shift the transmission into neutral, and finally, push the on-demand 4-wheel drive knob in and turn it to 4L. Both the 4LO and VSC off indicators will appear in the instrument panel.
  6. To shift back to 4H or 2-wheel drive, just reverse the process.
Author: Nabeel K