How to use Off-Road Mode on Chevy Tahoe

Your Chevrolet Tahoe may be equipped with a feature that enhances the performance of the vehicle for off-road recreational driving.

Chevy Tahoe 5th generation – (photo by Chevrolet)

Off-Road Mode on Tahoe should be used to improve driving at moderate speeds, on grass, gravel, dirt, unpaved roads, or snow-covered roads. The accelerator pedal is tuned for off-road use. This mode modifies pedal mapping, AWD, steering, ride height, ABS, ESC, and TCS performance.

The Off-Road Mode on Chevy Tahoe can be enabled using the Driver Mode Control (DMC) knob on the instrument panel to the left of the steering wheel.

Driver Mode Control (DMC)

Rotate the Driver Mode Control knob until Off-Road is highlighted in the instrument cluster.

Off-Road Mode highlighted on Chevy Tahoe

The Off-Road Mode will activate within a few seconds and its symbol will illuminate at the bottom right corner of the display.

Off-Road Mode active on Chevy Tahoe

The Driving Mode will default to Normal the next time you start the engine.

Before Driving Off-Road

  • Have all necessary maintenance and service work completed.
  • Fuel the vehicle, fill fluid levels, and check inflation pressure in all tires, including the spare, if equipped.
  • Know the local laws that apply to off-road driving.
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