How to use N Mode on Hyundai Veloster N

There’s a lot of excitement packed into the Veloster N, and much of it can be accessed with the N button – that’s what activates N mode.

Hyundai Veloster N mode button – (photo by Hyundai)

The N mode manages driving dynamics by automatically adjusting the steering effort and the engine and transmission control logic for enhanced performance.

The N button is located on the right side of the center steering wheel spoke. When you press it once, you are in N mode and the N indicator will illuminate in the LCD screen.

While in N mode, both the available electronic limited slip differential or e-LSD and the electronic stability control or ESC are set to sport. Please consult your owners manual for full information on how these features operate. Engine and rev matching settings are changed to Sport Plus, as are the suspension, steering and available variable exhaust sound.

N Custom Mode

When you press the N mode button a second time, you’ll be in N custom mode. You’ll see the indicator on the LCD screen within the instrument cluster and custom mode enables you to adjust settings for seven different vehicle components. Those settings are active only while you are in N custom mode.

To make the adjustments, select Settings on the multimedia display, choose Powertrain to adjust settings for the engine, rev matching, e-LSD and exhaust sound.

Select Chassis to adjust suspension, steering and the ESC. Engine, suspension, steering and exhaust sound can be set at Normal, Sport or Sport+. Other options are available for rev-matching, e-LSD and ESC.

How to turn off N mode

To exit from N or N custom mode, simply press the “Drive Mode” button on the left side of the center steering wheel spoke – this returns the vehicle’s drive mode to normal. And every time you restart your vehicle it will automatically be set to normal mode.

Author: Nabeel K

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