How to use Lane Assist on VW Tiguan

The lane departure warning system “Lane Assist” on Volkswagen Tiguan helps, within the limits of the system, to avoid accidents caused by decreased concentration.

Volkswagen Tiguan, second generation facelift – (photo by VW)

The lane markings are recorded via a camera module in the area of ​​the interior mirror and the position of the vehicle is evaluated. If your Volkswagen deviates from its lane, “Lane Assist” warns you with a slight counter-steer. If the system is activated, it switches on automatically from a speed of 40 mph (65 km/h), but below 40 mph or when the indicator is activated, it does not intervene.

You can override the steering correction at any time. If the lane assist system detects that the driver has his or her hands off the steering wheel for over 15 seconds, a warning chime sounds and a message appears in the instrument cluster display “Please take over steering”, reminding you to resume steering your vehicle. If you use your turn signal, Lane Assist assumes you intend to change lanes and it doesn’t intervene.

Enable or disable Lane Assist

From instrument cluster

You can switch Lane Assist on or off in the instrument cluster display. Using the steering controls, first go to Assist systems and then select Lane Assist.

Lane Assist on/off settings on instrument cluster of VW Tiguan, 2nd gen – (photo by VW)

From infotainment system

You can also enable or disable the Lane Assist system in the infotainment system by selecting the CAR button, then select SETUP.

Select CAR > SETUP – (photo by VW)

Then select Assistance systems. Scroll down and select or deselect Active next to Lane Assist to enable or disable the feature.

Lane Assist activate/deactivate option on infotainment system of VW Tiguan, 2nd gen – (photo by VW)

From a speed of 40 mph, the system uses a camera in the area of ​​the interior mirror to record the lane markings. The detection works in the dark or in fog. However, the system does not work without recognizable lane markings.

Author: Nabeel K


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