How to use H2, H4 and L4 on Toyota FJ Cruiser

The automatic transmission available on the FJ Cruiser gives the driver a range of choices.

Toyota FJ Cruiser – (photo by Toyota)

Shifting the lever to D for drive will accommodate most on road driving needs. To slow the vehicle when descending a steep grade, the driver can shift the transmission into fourth gear by pushing the lever to the left. If more engine braking is needed, the lever can be pulled back into third gear. To switch from third gear to second, push the lever to the right and down, then to the right for low or first gear.


On FJ Cruisers with four-wheel drive, it’s best to leave the smaller lever in the H2 position, that’s high speed two-wheel drive for most on road driving.


When the vehicle loses power due to wheel slipping, the driver can shift into high speed, four wheel drive or H4 without stopping. Begin by slowing down to less than 50 miles per hour, then pull the smaller lever back into the H4 position, a four-wheel drive icon will appear in the instrument cluster.


When off-roading in rugged terrain, sand or mud, the driver can select low speed four-wheel drive or L4.

  1. To engage low speed four-wheel drive, stop the vehicle and depress the brake.
  2. Put the automatic transmission into neutral.
  3. Shift the smaller lever past neutral to L4 – the VSC off indicator will light up.
  4. Then put the automatic transmission back into drive.
  5. To return to high four-wheel drive or two-wheel drive, stop the vehicle and follow the same process.

Note, a vehicle should be driven in four-wheel drive for at least 10 miles each month to keep all the components lubricated.

Author: Nabeel K

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Diana Avila
Diana Avila
1 year ago

Print and carry in my FJ to help me remember how to engage the 4 wheel drive.