How to use Electronic Parking Brake on VW Atlas

The electronic parking brake on Volkswagen Atlas is designed to provide vehicle hold for more secure parking and more convenient control in certain towing situations.

2020 Volkswagen Atlas – (photo by VW)

With the vehicle stationary, pull and hold the parking brake switch until the yellow indicator light turns on. When the yellow light on the lever is on, and the red PARK indicator light in the instrument cluster is on, the electronic parking brake is engaged.

To switch the electronic parking brake off, press the brake pedal and press the parking brake switch. The parking brake will release and the indicator light will go out. The parking brake will also release when the driver’s door is closed, a drive gear is engaged and the accelerator pedal is pressed.

Electric Parking Brake lever on 2020 VW Atlas – (photo by VW)

Roll off protection: The electronic parking brake will automatically activate if the driver door opens while the vehicle is traveling at speeds under 2 mph.

The electronic parking brake may be used to reduce the risk of vehicle rollback on steep inclines when towing a trailer. Engage the brake once the vehicle is stopped, if more engine power is needed to drive forward without rolling back: pull the switch upward while applying moderate pressure to the accelerator, the brake will not release until the switch is released.

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