How to use capless fuel filler on Honda Odyssey

The capless fuel filler on Honda Odyssey makes refuelling easier than ever at the service station.

2020 Honda Odyssey, fifth generation – (photo by Honda)
  1. Make sure the driver’s door or all doors are unlocked, then open the fuel filler door by pressing on it and pulling it open.
  2. Insert the nozzle and begin fueling. that’s it.

Filling from gas can

To add fuel by any other means from the standard service station filling nozzle, like a gas can, for example. You must use a funnel that can be found attached to the right side panel in the rear cargo area.

Carefully insert the narrow end of the funnel into the filler opening all the way up to the flange. Now you’re ready to pour the fuel into the filler from the portable container.

When finished wipe the funnel clean and return it to the side panel pocket.

Funnel location on Honda Odyssey

Video Demonstration

Author: Nabeel K


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