How to use Apple CarPlay on Volkswagen Transporter (T6)

With App-Connect, Volkswagen offers a collective interface that is subject to a surcharge, via which Apple Carplay, Android Auto and Mirrorlink can be integrated into the Discover Media Plus infotainment system of the VW T6.

Volkswagen Transport (T6) – (photo by Vauxford)

The Discover Media Plus is the most powerful infotainment system that Volkswagen offers in the VW bus of the current generation T6 in the Mutlivan Highline equipment variant.

Just plug-in the USB cable

Apple Carplay can use a 6.3 inch screen in the T6. As with other vehicles from the Volkswagen Group, the infotainment system automatically detects when an iPhone is connected to the vehicle’s USB port via a Lightning cable. The T6 then immediately starts the menu item App-Connect in the menu of the Discover Media Plus infotainment system and then CarPlay.

VW steering wheel buttons and Carplay

The steering wheel buttons of the VW T6 are partially available for operating Carplay. With the volume up and down buttons you can easily regulate the volume in Carplay. The steering wheel buttons for fast forward and rewind also work perfectly with Carplay.

The phone button on the steering wheel, on the other hand, has no function when Carplay is running. It does not start the built-in hands-free facility of the Discover Media Plus either. The steering wheel button for voice control, which is also available, starts voice control of the VW with a short press and Siri with a long press. You can start Siri in the T6 not only by pressing the home button on the lower left of the touchscreen of the Discover Media Plus for a long time, as you are used to from the iPhone, or with the wake-up call “Hey Siri”, but also with the corresponding steering wheel button.


Of the three smartphone interfaces integrated in the VW T6 Multivan, Carplay is by far the most successful. It is comparatively uncomplicated and reliable to use and offers the iPhone owner the familiar look and feel of their smartphone in the car. Thanks to Siri and the large, accurate icons, Carplay hardly distracts from driving, especially when making calls and text messages. The only small handicap in the VW bus is the too deeply built-in USB port, which makes plugging in the Lightning cable a tedious fiddling around. Wireless Carplay would bring a noticeable relief here.

iPhone owners who buy a VW T6 Bus are clearly recommended to use the App-Connect equipment package with Carplay.

Video Demonstrations


This Apple CarPlay video demonstration is for VW T6 produced from 2016-2019.

2020 Facelift T6.1

This video demonstration for connecting Apple CarPlay is for 2020 facelift model. It shows how you can wirelessly use Apple CarPlay using re-STREAM APP adapter / dongle.

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