How to use Apple CarPlay on Porsche 718 Cayman

Porsche Communication Management (PCM) also integrates Carplay in the Cayman without a controller on the center console, but with a touchscreen. However, this is by no means a disadvantage, because CarPlay can be operated better by touch than by controller.

Porsche Cayman 718 – (photo by Porsche)

However, the touchscreen in the Cayman is relatively small, the screen diagonal is only seven inches. That is below average for a premium vehicle and corresponds, for example, to the touchscreen size in the significantly cheaper Mazda 3.

The smaller the screen, the more difficult it is for the driver to find the right icons.

Porsche compensates for this a little by having the touchscreen relatively close in front of the driver. A Cayman isn’t quite as spacious as a BMW 740i or an E-Class. Nevertheless, a 10-inch touchscreen like the one in the BMW 740i would be much more suitable.

To be fair, however, it must be noted that Porsche is already delivering a newer version of the PCM with a larger screen that is 12.3 inches in the new Panamera. This screen size corresponds to that in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. That’s perfect for Carplay.

Siri Voice Control

Apart from the touchscreen, which is a bit small, there is nothing to criticize about CarPlay in the 718 Cayman. The screen reacts quickly and reliably to finger inputs, Siri works as usual and the steering wheel buttons and the buttons below the touchscreen are also partially available. With the ignition switched on, the driver starts with a long press on the Siri voice control button (with a short press, on the other hand, the Porsche voice control). The volume buttons on the steering wheel and below the screen also work under Carplay.

No Wireless CarPlay

The connection between iPhone and PCM is made via the USB cable. Unlike the BMW, the Porsche does not offer wireless CarPlay. The USB socket in the center console is somewhat difficult to reach because Porsche has installed it just above the bottom of the shelf. This makes plugging in the USB cable a bit fiddly.

Author: Nabeel K


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