How to use 4WD system on Toyota 4Runner Trail Grade

Imagine you’re into driving to that secret trail, high into Nowheresville, and suddenly, you’re in the big, bad boulders, no problem. Say hello to the Shift Lever Transfer Case on Toyota 4Runner.

Toyota 4Runner fifth generation N280 – (photo by Toyota)

The 4Runner Trail Grade has a lever to shift the transfer case between two-wheel drive high (H2), four-wheel drive high (H4), and four-wheel drive low ranges (L4).

You can shift from H2 to H4 while driving at speeds less than 50 miles per hour.

To shift from H4 to L4, or L4 to H4, you must come to a complete stop and continue to press the break pedal.

  1. Shift the transmission into neutral gear, move the shift lever into L4 or H4 position.
  2. Then shift the transmission into either a forward or reverse gear.

Note that when your 4Runner is in H4 or L4 mode, a four-wheel drive icon will be illuminated on the instrument panel.

Author: Nabeel K

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