How to turn on side-mirror spot lights on Ford F-150

Ford F-150 may be equipped with an LED spot light on each side-mirror that illuminate the area in front of and to the side of the vehicle.

Spot light on side-mirror Ford F-150 14th generation 2021+

Spot lamps can be easily turned on or off by pressing its button on the instrument panel to the left side of the steering wheel column.

Press the left button to switch on the left-hand spot lamp. Press the right button to switch on the right-hand spot lamp.

Ford F-150 spot light buttons on Ford F-150 14th gen

Note: The lighting control must be set to the parking lamp position before you can turn on the spot lamps. Rotate the control rotary knob until LED light next to the second symbol illuminates.

Lights control switch in parking lamp position
Author: Nabeel K

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