How to turn on or off Daytime Running Lights on Toyota Camry

Have you noticed your high beam headlights on during the day when you leave the control set to auto? Dim to about half power these are your daytime running lights.

Toyota Camry XV50 (2011–2019) – (photo by Toyota)

They help make your Camry easier to see by other vehicles these lights will come on whenever the control is set to auto, the engine is running and the low beam headlights are off.

  1. To turn them off, simply turn the light control to OFF.
  2. If you like the auto on/off feature but don’t want the daytime running lights to come on, you can set them to stay off at the vehicle settings page by pressing the Setup button on your audio or navigation display, then Vehicle, then scroll down to Daytime Running Lights and change it to OFF.
Author: Nabeel K

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2 years ago

thanks. this is NOT in the owner’s manual