How to turn on / off Daytime Running Lights on Ford F-150

The 13th generation of F-150 comes with daytime running lights that can be turned on or off depending on your preference. This tutorial will guide you through its settings.

Ford F-150, 13th Generation 2015 to 2020 – (photo by Ford)

What are Daytime Running Lights (DRL)?

The daytime running light, is vehicle lighting that is intended to improve the visibility of the vehicle during the day for other road users and thus reduce accidents due to being overlooked. Daytime running lights are used as a supplement to the vehicle headlights.

How to turn DRL on/off

Using the information display on your instrument cluster screen, and the five way control switch on the left side of your steering wheel, you can choose whether you want your running lamps on or off.

Arrow keys on steering wheel

On the instrument cluster screen, go to Settings and press OK button on the steering wheel to enter settings menu.

Main Menu

Scroll down and select Advanced Settings.

Settings Menu

Then select Vehicle.

Advanced Settings menu

Then select Lighting.

Vehicle menu

Then scroll down to the Daytime Lights option and use the OK button on your steering wheel to toggle the checkbox. A tick mark on the checkbox means that daytime running lights are set to on, an empty box means that they are set to off.

Lighting menu

If you have your daytime running lamps set to on in the main settings and want to use them, turn the lighting control to the auto position.

Lighting controls

When the lighting control is in auto lamp position, and the head lamps are off, the daytime running lamps will turn on automatically when you’re driving. And will switch between daytime running lamps and headlamps as needed – based on how light or dark it is outside, and whether or not the wipers are on.

Keep in mind, your daytime running lamps will only work when you’ve set your lights control switch to auto position and if you’ve set them to come on under preferences in the instrument cluster information display.

If your daytime running lamps are set to off in the settings menu, they will not turn on at all regardless if your lights control switch is set to auto or not.

F-150 in Canada

It is not possible to turn off daytime running lights on Ford F-150 vehicles assembled or imported in Canada. This is due to local legislation requiring DRLs to always remain on while driving.

14th Generation F-150

Read this article to see how to enable or disable DRL on 2021+ F-150.

Author: Nabeel K

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