How to turn on fog lights in Toyota Fortuner

The fog lights on Toyota Fortuner help you see clearly in low-visibility conditions. If you’re not sure how to turn on the fog lights in your Fortuner, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step, so you can stay safe on the road in any weather.

Since the Toyota Fortuner doesn’t have an off switch for the headlights, and the default position is auto, you can turn on the fog lights without having to turn on the parking lights or headlights.

Here are the steps to turn on the fog lights in your Toyota Fortuner:

  1. Start your engine.
  2. Locate the fog lights switch to the side of the steering wheel, on the lights control stalk.
  3. Rotate the switch to turn on the fog lights.
  4. To turn off the fog lights, simply rotate the switch back to off position.
Fog lights switch in ON position on Toyota Fortuner second generation.

Dashboard indicator light

When you turn on the fog lights in your Toyota Fortuner, an indicator light will illuminate in the instrument cluster. This light serves as a reminder that the fog lights are on and helps you avoid accidentally leaving them on when they are no longer needed.

Indicator light illuminating for fog lights in the instrument cluster of Toyota Fortuner.

Don’t use fog lights in clear weather

Using fog lights in clear weather conditions can be dangerous for other drivers on the road. Fog lights are designed to be used in low-visibility conditions such as fog, heavy rain or snow, and their bright beams can be blinding to other drivers in clear weather. It is important to only use fog lights when the conditions warrant their use, and to turn them off when visibility improves. Always be considerate of other drivers on the road and use your best judgment when deciding when to use your fog lights.

Author: Nabeel K